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Upsizing tires on factory rims

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I've got the factory 235/70/16 Goodyears on aluminum rims on my Escape still, and they're getting a little slippery in the rain and I've started looking at new tires. I'm considering keeping the stock rims and putting a slighty wider tire on there. I remember hearing the rim can handle a 255 width but I'm not sure what the sidewall would be? 60? I'd like to stay near the factory overall height. If anyone knows thanks!
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How did the tires work out for you? When you mentioned added traction with a wider tire I was wondering if that would truly work - generally speaking my experience has been the opposite ... I lost traction going to a wider tire. Like going down a snow-covered hill with skis vs. a snowboard trying to manuever through gates.

I moved to a wider tire when I had our Tahoe - more for the aggressive look than anything - and my traction suffered a bit. Nothing major, but it was noticeable. Also the wider tire translated back through the steering system over bumps, etc. because you were moving a much wider object over the obstacle.

I was just curious to see what your experiences have been and wondering if any traction gains were the result of a better tire rather than the width.

Thanks for the info.

Ajax I was looking at your pics - you could have your tires 'static' balanced (mount the weights on the back side of the rim) and get those ugly wheel weights off of the front of your rims. Over time they'll corrode the coating on the wheel. Just a thought. Look good though.
1 - 2 of 34 Posts
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