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Using xterra rack on escape?

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Just wondering if anyone on here has thougth about putting an xterra rack on the escape? I looked around on the net and have seen some Jeeps with them put on and pathfinders with it added. I am guessing the bars woudl have to be cut and welded shorter since the xterra's are wider. Just idea since I read at pick and pull places the racks are $20! Crazy cheap.

Also why did ford have factory rack track end so short instead of having the tracks go all the way to just in front of wehre the roof curves down to the windshield. I have thule racks and faring off one of my cars and picked up the feet cheap and plan on putting them on and maybe buying tracks at a picka nd pull place that woudl bring it up further to the front. Will take pics in a week or so when I get the tk1 trackers to attach everything.

Oh and those baskets on teh roofs they look super cool but what woudl you put up there? And how woudl you get up there? Man those baskets are crazy high off the ground. I got one of those carrier things you attach to the hitch to carry extra thigns.
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I had the same thought about the xterra rack. I like the front farring plan on looking into something similar (as soon as we get our new Escape). I use a Thule cargo carrier on our CR-V and plan on using it on the Escape from time to time as well. We do a lot of bike riding. We have a cargo trailer that hooks on the back of the bikes. All of the biking gear goes up in the carrier (trailer, helmets, shoes, panniers, etc). Loading isn't too bad. All the small stuff can be loaded from the side by opening the doors and standing on the running boards.
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