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Veterans Day

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:heart: :heart: :heart: Thank you for defending our country !!! :heart: :heart: :heart:

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We spent Veterans Day down in Stoughton, MA, at a Veterans ceremony honoring my wifes Uncle, Jack Doherty, a WWII vet that passed away in 1981. He served on the Aircraft Carrier USS Langley. ... be-honored

An intersection near where he lived for 30 years is now known as John A. Doherty Square (A. is for Aloysius, does it get any more Irish?). He was my Mother-in-Laws older brother. Also in attendance was her younger brother, now 81 and also a WWII Navy vet, who was involved as a Navy Armed Guard gunner on commercial ships that made extremely dangerous supply deliveries across the Barents Sea to the port of Murmansk, and was involved in the running ship battle that resulted in the sinking of the famed german Battlecruiser Scharnhorst. My Father-in-Law (now deceased), won 2 Bronze Stars ( aka Bronze Star with Oak Leaf Cluster) for bravery under fire for actions over 2 days in southern Germany. My father enlisted in the Army Air Force just after his 17th birthday in 1944, and was stationed in Italy during the Battle of Po Valley (luckily never saw battle, he was in Support Services), and his 2 older brothers served in the Navy in the Pacific.

These people truly were (are) Americas Greatest Generation.

As for myself, I was Air Force (F-111's) in the '70s, and my older brother was Army (tanks), and my younger brother is retired from the Navy (submarines, they're all crazy ... lol). He now lives in Nebraska, says it's the farthest he could get from any ocean!!

To my fellow Veterans, both past and present, thank you for your service and sacrifice.
:clap: :peace: :thumb: :beer:
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