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Vibrates when at Highway speed over 120KM/h

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Hello all,

I have a 02 Escape XLS (V6) and I just got four new tires and alignment done. But the car still vibrates a bit on the highway, especially when the speed is over 120KM/h.

secondly, when drive on bumpy roads, the car seems to shake a bit, feels more bumpy than it should, and I can sort of feel that the front tires are off the ground slightly. Is this normal?

Thirdly, when have the 4X4 option on, I get stuck when backing out the car with an angel (like 45 degree), it is sort of like the wheels (at the rear or the front, not sure) are locked. Same thing does not happen when I turn off the 4X4 option.

I have done some research, some people are suggesting CV joint problem, any advices will be appreciated.
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I knew wheel bearings and sway bar links were common to fail on escapes.But didn't know tie rod ends were too.Just had my drivers side front outer tie rod end replaced.I didn't have any vibrations like others stated,but i did hear a loud clunk while going over pot holes or speed bumps..Fixed that and alignment total cost me $125.00USD....half hour labor plus alignment plus taxes and part..

Now it goes great over bumps and steering feels soo much tighter now... :yahoo: BUT>>>>

Now i go to start it one morning and rough as heck idling and driving.Got a couple codes so swapped out 2 coils an changed front 3 plugs and now it runs even worse.Got it in my mechanics shop waiting for diagnose from a professional instead of wasting my time and pulling out my hair to figure it out..Threw the towel in... :rant:
**UPDATE** I was right on knowing my number 6 coil was bad,But when i did the switching around i unplugged the whole harness and guess what? I PUT THE DAMN HARNESS ON BACKWARDS.. :doh: Number 6 plug was plugged into #4 coil,and #4plug was plugged into #6coil... :worry:
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