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Vibrates when at Highway speed over 120KM/h

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Hello all,

I have a 02 Escape XLS (V6) and I just got four new tires and alignment done. But the car still vibrates a bit on the highway, especially when the speed is over 120KM/h.

secondly, when drive on bumpy roads, the car seems to shake a bit, feels more bumpy than it should, and I can sort of feel that the front tires are off the ground slightly. Is this normal?

Thirdly, when have the 4X4 option on, I get stuck when backing out the car with an angel (like 45 degree), it is sort of like the wheels (at the rear or the front, not sure) are locked. Same thing does not happen when I turn off the 4X4 option.

I have done some research, some people are suggesting CV joint problem, any advices will be appreciated.
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I had a similar problem just after i bought mine also and apparently it was like that when its previous owners had it too. but only one tire would vibrate and hum loudly at speeds over 50mph. It would also veer towards one side even after alignment. Long story short, i took it into a suspension place and they found out it was a wheel bearing that went out. They fixed it and no more noise or veering.
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