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VIDEO - 08-12 Oil Change DIY at Home Full Detail

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Here is a detailed video of how to do an oil change on an 08-12 V6 that has insights for newbies and tips for old pros (like how to do it without even getting under the car!)

I have an oil change video on YouTube already but that was back when I was new at filming and editing. That video featured lots of shaky (which I find so annoying I can't watch my old videos anymore) footage. I have since acquired a tripod. Sometimes a tripod doesn't work for under car shots. So, I develop ways to get a steady shot. I have learned that holding a camera with one hand and doing something with the other hand results in poor footage. Many of the under car shots in this video were taken with the camera dropped into a Solo brand plastic drink cup that I had cut a slot in for the viewfinder.

[mod]Embedded video - Charles[/mod]
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Thank you SO much! :clap:
I've done the oil on my Taurii many times, last two were Gen 3 Duratech which appear similar to my "new" '12 Escape 3.0L.
Learned a few new tricks, but I will still use a funnel as I have time enough (my dog walks very slowly these days) to prop up the 5 litre jug in the top, leave it and let it drain every last drop out. ;)
Here you go...

And here is some more cool 2nd generation (08-12) Escape Vids...

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