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****SOLD****Hey guys I bought this for my Jeep and it turns out I need the money more than I need this. I can let it go for $215 shipped to the US. Anyone interested?

Product Features:
SST LCD remote transmitter
One mile range
Priority icons for simple and clear vehicle monitoring
Clear text labels on the large LCD screen
The important icon will display 3x larger than the less critical icons
Priority User Interface controls 24 functions with 5 buttons
Dual car support
Active Temp Check will display the current temperature inside of your vehicle (Displays in either Fahrenheit or Celsius)
Runtime Reset will extend your remote start run time
The 2-way transmitter will communicate by way of an audible tone, a vibration, or a visual alert
In case of an alert, the Revenger siren will play from the transmitter
SilentMode2 will send the alerts to the transmitter only and not set off the cars siren
The 2-way pager will notify whenever there is any activity with the vehicle, so you know exactly what is going on
Each mode is displayed on the LCD screen to remove any doubt of which mode you are in (for example: "Valet Mode" will appear when the car is set to valet mode)
Product Convenience Features:
XpressPort™ can dock the Innovations Award-winning CANMAX400DEI databus interface into the Responder LC3 CPU, for a direct digital connection to virtually every new vehicle and databus architecture on the planet
D2D Serial Data Port gives installers plug-and-play connection to all the other XPRESSKIT interfaces
Virtual Tach means no tachometer wire connection required
Flex Relays Onboard for remote start and light flash eliminates the need for additional relays the majority of the time
Control Center combines the Status LED and Valet Switch with the 2-way Antenna, making the switch easy to locate, and eliminating drilling of any holes in the dash
Priority User Interface includes SmartStart™, Timer Start, Runtime Reset, TempCheck and Silent Mode2 siren-less arming modes
SuperCode encryption
Domelight supervision
Stinger DoubleGuard shock sensor
Neo Revenger 6-tone siren
Failsafe starter kill
Guaranteed protection plan (GPP)
4 Auxiliary channels for optional functions
Remote Control trunk pop
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