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Weathertech or Ford bug shield

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Ford has it for 80 bucks and weathertech is 60 plus 20 shipping. so it is basically the same cost.

Does anyone have pictures so I can compare the two and see what they look like?
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We're also looking at either the Weathertech or the Ford bug shield for our 2010 XLT. Has anyone else had any issues with installing the Weathertech? While I haven't seen either of the products up close, I find the Weathertech shield looks better judging from photos on the Internet. Any advice?
Just as an addition to my previous post, I just wondered what everyone's thoughts were on adhesive (WeatherTech) vs. drilling (Ford) for attaching a bug deflector. I couldn't bring myself to drill into the hood, but adhesive doesn't sound much better.
After doing extensive research ( ;) I walked up and down three rows of parking at the mall), I came to the conclusion that these products don't do anything useful about bugs. There were bugs all over the hoods of every car I looked at it.

Rocks, maybe, but I don't want to use adhesive on my truck or drill holes in it. Guess I'll just keep her waxed.
Despite my previous post, in the end I decided to go with the AVS Bugflector II after seeing how great it looked on my neighbor's truck.

I ordered it a local truck shop and it arrived later the next day.

I'll post some new pics once I have a chance to wash the truck.

Now it's time for the next mod. I'm thinking about a new exhaust tip…
mstar said:
I just ordered a smoke colored VP series by Stampede .

See a photo from their site by downloading this link ... ape_HP.pdf

I called Stampede and her honest opinion was that the low profile guards give no bug protection. the VP series gives some protection but their product is NOT a bug guard. That is why they call it a hood protector and not a bug shield.

The VP series is 1.5 inches taller tan the LP series so it gives better protection to the hood and fenders.

Also it does not TAPE onto the paint like the AVS. I called AVS and they claim it will not do damage to the paint. That if you needed to remove the AVS you tie knots into dental floss and use it as a saw and then clean up with rubbing alcohol.
I just did not care for the idea that attaches to the top of the hood, with tape. It would just seem like over time that tape could fail and at high speeds I just did not want to risk it.

The better design would be to put it between the hood and and attach with screws.

Anyway, I felt that Stampede was honest enough about the bug deflection and they seem to have a quality product that will not flutter or bend at high speeds. No bumpers needed she stated.

I found a great price of $50.87 shipped from a dealer on their list ... 3undefined
The AVS does not tape onto the paint or touch the top of the hood. The tape (and screws) are completely under the hood.
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