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Went off roading with some people this morning..

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Title says it all. Some people from a Jeep forum that are new around here wondered where to go play so I showed them the way. :D

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From the first page of pics and your signature, I never knew it was white..... :lol: I thought it was that grayish-tan color
:lol: No, its really white.

Here is a video of a trail that some of my friends went out on not that long ago. I didn't go because well...stock ride hieght plus street tires would have been no fun at all.

(The video is also in HD)
That was awesome! Thanks for the show. :popcorn:
That is nuts!
I thought about doing some of that when I was out to CA in 06. :yahoo:

We were in the Bullitt at the time, so my wife went on RED ALERT!!!! :angel:
jonas let the wife go shopping. That always gives me most of a day to go screw off
Holy crap! That video is straight ridiculous! :thumb:
41 - 47 of 47 Posts
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