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What dealership?

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Hey everyone just signed up last night. Thanks for the hospitality over at the other thread. Just had a quick question.

I live in Brampton and I've googled a few Ford dealerships that are close in proximity. Im getting the one in Georgetown (hwy#7), Planet Ford on Bovaird and 10, and finally Colony Ford on Queen and 410. I have only been to one so far (Georgetown) and from a sales perspective it was pretty positive. I plan on visiting the others tomorrow.

My question is regarding the service going forward after I make my purchase. Has anyone here had first hand experience with these dealerships? Is there one superior to the other? Any horror stories?

I have never dealt with a dealership in the past as I have never owned a new car. Any help advice/help would be greatly appreciated.

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I've bought Fords from 3 different dealers in Burlington-Hamilton (also west of Greater Toronto Area) over the years, they've all been fair with the sale to me, and I've come to expect nothing after the purchase. I very much prefer getting EVERYTHING done at a private garage where I can actually speak to the mechanic. As this is a mainstream vehicle, the independents know what they need to know, or they learn quick.

As for where to buy, do your research but listento your gut too. Good luck!
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