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So what do you like about your '09 Escape? Here's a summary of what I like about it:

Styling - I l really like the truck-like rough character unlike the Toyota RAV4, Honda, etc.
V6 - Love the 3.0L engine with its smooth idle and plenty of power
Highway gas mileage - 27-28mpg
Exhaust - Good sound and loud enough to hear but not annoy
6 Speed Tranny - Silky shifts and very Lexus-like
Brakes - Don't the rear drum brakes, but I like the feel of the brakes
Size - Perfect for me for daily driving and occassional hauling
Handling - Little body roll and fun to drive
Ease of entry and exit (I'm 6'4" tall)
High seating position
Easy to use large knobs for radio, HVAC, etc.
Very well lit controls and very easy to see at night
Ambient lighting - Very cool and my daughter loves it too
Well lit cabing, but wish the center light could be turned on/off independently of other lights
Solid feel to the car
Solid feel when shutting the doors
Great steering road feel at low speeds, even with electric steering
Little steering play at high speeds
Quiet cabin
Lift gate flip-up glass
No gas cap
Price - with factory rebate and dealer's willingness to deal
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