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What does "w/thermal" mean?

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I folded down my rear seats for the first time today, and I noticed a sticker under my seat cushions. It says "stone gas w/thermal" on it. I know what the first two terms are (stone is the color of my interior, and gas means gas-powered). Does anyone know what "w/thermal" means? I was wondering if it means I was supposed to have auto climate control, because I just have the manual, and I'd really like to have the automatic.

Here's a pic of the sticker:
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Maybe if you gave Ford Customer Relations a call or email they could give you a correct answer. I have no idea, other than some of these machines have interior from recycled material and others for no apparent reason, do not. At least that is what our Mazda dealer told me. Our seats don't spot like allot of the cloth seats maybe it's not recycled? I dunno :confused: . Just a SWAG.

Give them a call. Keep us posted on what they tell you. OK?
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