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What is best way to switch from tan to black interior?

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If I was going to switch a 2006 limited tan interior to black, what is the best way to do it? Should I find a junkyard with a wrecked escape with the black interior (nearly impossible) or is there a better way?
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Beleive it or not, sometimes finding an Escape with an interior that ISN'T Tan, is a difficult task in some places. When I went to the dealerships looking for a 2nd Gen Limited with a Black interior, it was almost impossible. Seemed everyone in Ottawa and the Valley wanted Tan interiors. My Silver Escape was the first one I found with a clean black interior, and it's the one I decided to buy. Same will go if my Wife and I decide to buy another vehicle...interior HAS to be Black or Charcoal. I agree with the others on here that it just looks more upscale... :cigar:
Oh yeah, I got off topic...

Easiest way to convert the interior, is to find one at the wreckers, or auction vehicles, and buy/strip the interior and swap it into yours. Or, you could do something crazy like go on Craigslist and do a straight trade for someone with another Escape with a black interior. Other than selling yours and buying another one, those are the only easy solutions.

Actually, you COULD get Katskinz Leather covers for your original seats, then paint your interior panels with proper plastic bonding agent, and plastic paint (Like VHT). By doing this, you'd have a completely custom interior...maybe start changing the lighting to different colours too...

Umm, not sure if this helps...
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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