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What kind of sub?

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Alright so i wanna get a nice sub in the trunk of my escape, nothing to crazy but i need some input i still wanna have space to put stuff back there. What subs sound the best? single or double? and what kinda amp? thanks in advance!
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Go to wal mart and get a 10 inch pioneer and a pioneer 2 channel amp.Cheap and u be surprised the bass it has..It is not the best system but it is decent and for the money pretty cheap.

Thye sell everyhting u need there.sub,amp,wiring kit..When i had them in my cherokee i hooked one up to a 2 channel pioneer sub bridged..Sounded pretty good for a system for around $200..
Get the 10 in Junior..Like said a much more tighter bass..And NAte, OMG, 50k? lol she must rattle, I used to put mine on 80 IIRC..

And cam, those solarbarics are awesome.I luv kicker subs...That WCC one in link junior if they got one in the 10inch i say thats ok.

But a 12 might be too low and bassy for your likings..

I think bestbuy will install the amp and sub for around $100 or so...I say go to your local audio shops if ya have any,and shop around in person.

You can feel and listen to them if they set up in display.. Alot people will get a mono amp for a sub.But i like a 2 channel better so i can use it in a different setup if i change my mind..

So what ya thinking about getting now that we filled your head with all this info? :rockon:

I wish ya lived near by,i would love to help ya out with system.It's been long time since i did any install.So i like to get back into it.Simple install at that.Nothing too fancy...
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Come on Junior, would ya pick one already... :box:
1 - 3 of 44 Posts
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