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What kind of sub?

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Alright so i wanna get a nice sub in the trunk of my escape, nothing to crazy but i need some input i still wanna have space to put stuff back there. What subs sound the best? single or double? and what kinda amp? thanks in advance!
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Thanks for makeing me even more hungry... :lol:
I love my alpine type r 12 in the sealed box I have. The box was $40 at gibralter trade center if u know where thats at. And the amp is an alpine m500 which I bought on ebay for $140 new. The sub was $120 new. So all together $300. Sounds great and only takes up some of my trunk space.
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+1 on those sites.. Ive bought off sonic electronics and the prices are great and they have a good selection. Ebay is where I got most of my other stuff. FYI the places like car tunes and micky shorr jack the prices wayyy up. I like those stores and they do good work I had my car alarm installed at car tunes to save the hassel, but for buying car audio products i would shop online.
what kind of music do you usually listen too? alot of ppl say 10" subs are better for rock and have tighter bass and some ppl say 12" subs have deeper lower bass for rap. I dont know how true this really is though. Ive always thought if it has enough power it should sound good enough and work for all music for most people
I am the EXACT way ! :lol: I love 955 963 102.7 and 97.9. and the canadian country station 95.9 lol .. but if I were you ide probably get a 10 inch since you dont want to take up alot of space and dont want too much "bump"!
JunioR said:
omg i found that country station from canada too! i just couldnt remember the number, how do you like you alpine 12"?
how about this?
I love my 12. I used to have two 10s but i like this so much more. Its a great "all around" sub. As for the one on ebay your looking at, thats a type s and i have a typr r. Its alpine so im sure it sounds good but since I bought my type r 12 and box for ~$160 i would try to get the type r . you can get a type r 12 dvc sub and a box for under $500 like you said and ill bet you would love it. You would be able to get a good amp too and still be under $500
JunioR said:
Fordman did you get yours at Gilbraltor?
Got my sub on ebay amp from sonicelectronics .com and the box at the trade center
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