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What kind of sub?

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Alright so i wanna get a nice sub in the trunk of my escape, nothing to crazy but i need some input i still wanna have space to put stuff back there. What subs sound the best? single or double? and what kinda amp? thanks in advance!
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im trying to do under $500 if thats possible? and i dont need or want anything to crazy,
idk if im ready to do it myself, i wonder how much it would cost to install em?
i like the one that sits on the side, but im not one of those guys that wants everyone in a mile radius to hear me, just a decent one, how is that one that is molded to the side?
Yea i know where thats at, im almost there every weekend :lol:
oh alright what is a good size amp? and what should i be looking for? because im clueless! :lol:
whats the best size sub woofer?
i have a wide range of music i listen to but i mostly listen to hip-hop/rap and country :lol: like channel 9.55, 98.7, and 99.5
omg i found that country station from canada too! i just couldnt remember the number, how do you like you alpine 12"?
how about this?
Fordman did you get yours at Gilbraltor?
jeez idk, so go with one 10 then? and might just have to go up to your casa for this mod! :lol:
Thanks everyone for the suggestions! how hard is it to install a sub and amp by myself?
true, i might just have someonee else install it
Heres a few subs and stuff: tell me what you guys think
Kenwood KFC-W12PS
Boss P126DVC
JBL CS1214
just a couple subs, idk if they are good or not! opinions! possibly links to better ones that dont cost an arm and a leg.
till then i will keep surfing :)
is this one a good one?
its on sale! quick replys would be greatly appreiceated!
should i get the 20.99 warrenty too?
jbone2470 said:
Come on Junior, would ya pick one already... :box:
well im gonna buy it if its still available
Thanks Jason for all that info!
i actually bought this one:

now i just gotta find the right amp and wiring kit! if you could help me with those things, it would be greatly appreciated!
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