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2020 Ttanium Hybrid/1978 F-250 Custom
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2019 Titanium 4WD 2.L ecoboost, Purchased in January 13, 2022 from lease with 4600 miles.
any problems that I should watch for, I can see where the info system is difficult.
Welcome to the city, Angie.
honestly, I can't say there are any distinct problems with your model. The biggest problem with any vehicle is neglect.
You are due for a tire rotation… If you want the best life out of your tires that you can possibly get.

use the search bar at the top of this page, and put in your year/make/model… See what other people have posted.

Your last best bet is to take the thick book out of the glove compartment, and read through it in a night or two. Yes, things are different, but they are easy to access once you have read about them.
If you did not receive an owners manual with your vehicle, they are available online with a Google search.
I suggest looking at 'regular service intervals'. It tells you what, and when to do necessary things to your vehicle.
These cars are pretty awesome. I think you will love it!
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