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This was a PM I sent to Fourthmeal, but as he points out is better to make a Thread to make this helpful for everyone.

From: molanojuan
To: fourthmeal

I had in my previous ride an Alpine HU (iXA-W407 equivalent), 1 audiobahn 4 channel 600W amplifier, 1 kenwood excelon 1200w monochannel, 1 JL 8W7, JL TR 6" components in the front and 6" coaxial in the back. This was my last layout, however I sold the car with everything.

I've been looking forward for something similar for the E, except for the HU and the W7 (wich i think if too big, if I plan to keep the boot). However i was thinking you might give me an insight of what to buy.

From: fourthmeal
To: molanojuan

No worries on the PM but I do recommend a thread is made so others can see your exchange of questions and ideas and possibly learn.

If I have a strong budget, I would install a Pioneer AV-H series head unit (either the 3200 or 4200), the nav kit, and whatever else you want (like XM radio.) Then I would install a JBL MS8 processor, and a set of small amps. JBL MS amps just came out and I want to try them, but ARC, Cerwin Vega Stealth, Soundstream Stealth, or the Kenwood XR4S amp and the matching sub amp might be nice. I don't put a lot of care into what amp to get because as long as it fits the size you need, and has plenty of true actual power (you know what I mean, we're after real numbers not max fake figures), the amp will probably do fine. The new Clarion amps are also great. The Clarion, Arc, and Cerwins are all made my the same company, Nikola Engineering (Robert Zeff's company.) Anyway, you will probably want a 4channel and a mono sub channel.

For sub, I'm not a JL Audio fan too much. Not because they are bad, but because for the money I think you can do better. I am a big fan of Acoustic Elegance, but you must be prepared to wait for them since they are hand-made. The cost is fantastic however. If you want an 8" sub, the W7 is a fine piece of gear. Also a Digital Designs 8 would be nice, or possibly a Sundown 8.
For front speakers, the sky is the limit. I have always enjoyed building systems using separate drivers. Maybe the best thing here is to find what brands of raw drivers are sold around your area.
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