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fiddlerky said:
So what's going on with Escape-City vs. Escape-Central? What was the reasoning for creating it? Not saying it isn't a bad idea as the other one is horribly outdated, yet I don't fully see the point of a whole new site. I've heard that new accounts couldn't be created on ********* which is also a problem.

To be honest, I'm sticking with the old unless this one somehow takes over. I'm definitely sticking to it until the colors are changed in the forum. It's almost impossible to find the actual post with the colors only varying slightly between posts. Posts seem to hide between signatures.
Please change your registration e-mail to a valid address, or we'll need to set up this board to send validation e-mails before anyone can post. We've tried to make this board as user-friendly as we can, and we value your input. I've thought the same thing about post visibility, and the "save" button, and I plan on addressing all user comments next week, when I get home.

But if you're going to offer comments, please do so with a valid e-mail account. We can both bend a little, can't we?

Thanks...and please look through The Garage. We already have more TSB information than any other Escape site...and many other Ford sites as well.
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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