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fiddlerky said:
So what's going on with Escape-City vs. Escape-Central? What was the reasoning for creating it? Not saying it isn't a bad idea as the other one is horribly outdated, yet I don't fully see the point of a whole new site. I've heard that new accounts couldn't be created on ********* which is also a problem.

To be honest, I'm sticking with the old unless this one somehow takes over. I'm definitely sticking to it until the colors are changed in the forum. It's almost impossible to find the actual post with the colors only varying slightly between posts. Posts seem to hide between

Thanks for sharing. This site is barely a week old and getting better everyday. Unfortuately the other site has not been updated in years. Keep stopping by to see the on going improvements. You're always welcome here :)
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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