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What's in your iPOD/MP3 ??

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When i'm at the GYM , i always wonder what people are listening to ! :rockon: :rockon: So , what's in your iPOD ? list a link or YouTube.
i'm a U2 fan, but this is the only music that keeps me going :taz: :taz:

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Hello GenX. Thanks for the ' global trance ' video link. It was quite joyous and uplifting. Have only, been listening to trance over the last six years. Initially developed an interest, from listening to a radio station. At my previous firm, we used to do overtime on saturday. It was designated as double time. Begin at 7.00 a.m. and clock off at 2.00 p.m. in the afternoon.

This radio channel had a program, by the title of " Insomnia ". One thing i can't tolerate is when, radio disc jockeys go blah blah! Yakkity Yak ,as though they just love the sound of their own voice. Which i am sure a lot of them do. Also they don't play enough variety. So i was driving to work one saturday to begin overtime. Flicked around the radio stations, and it was the same old crap. There was a lot of yap yap by the dj's, and they played the usual chart toppers. :horse:

Flogging a dead horse is possibly an understatement. I have a collection of CD'S just in case. Upon tuning to 92.7 FM, i heard this beautiful music captivating me. Basically it was entrancing my soul. It sort of felt like something, being in harmony with my inner self. Also i was being mentally stimulated. While driving i kept listening in total fascination.

The ' trance program ' DJ chatted to a certain extent, but without dragging it out too much. Sometimes they would play ' global ' tracks with female artists singing. These female singers have beautiful voices. Because i am a male, this is quite alluring but also relaxing. Something like the ' savage beast' is to be kept calm and pacified. :lol: :lol:

People tell me that this style of music,has been around for quite a while. There was a period when, i was just not aware that it actually existed. Do not have an IPod player, but the escape cd player is ' MP3 Format ' compatible. Have made enquiries at a music shop. The store assistant told me, there are different variations for global as in " House " and " Progressive ". I enjoy listening, to trance mixes by a lot of different artists.

At the moment my CD library consists of, albums purchased from store. The other music has been downloaded from net, and copied onto blank discs. :) My tastes can vary from classical to modern. Organ music as in theatre style and ranging to classical and jazz. Also love the hammond, played in ' Blues ' style. Heavy metal doesn't bother me, but it depends as i am selective with it. Rock & Roll. Electric and Techno Dance. Disco music? Depends on what it is.

I enjoy drum solos. Watched some ' You Tube ' video clips of different artists performing on drums. Quite aware that all the musicians, need to co-operate for their songs or instrumentals to flow along. The drummer, singer, electric organ, bass guitar, leading guitarist. But when a drummer plays his solo, i find it very awe inspiring. To my perspective, it is as though the drummer is conveying his message to public of " Now, this is what i am all about ! "

The skill and co-ordination allways intrigues me. BigChris is to be commended, for his incredible prowess and talent on the drums. Can perceive that drumming must be physically demanding. I have no musical skills and do not play any instruments. This is why i totally enjoy listening to, and observing other peoples natural abilities. Obviously it all begins with practice. To me it appears these singers and musicians, are gifted as in born with a skill.

I trust this won't be regarded as unusual, but to me it is like BigChris has a natural affinity for drums. Hello Chris! I think it might have been on a ' You Tube ' clip, because they interviewed John Bonhams son. Far out ! I am of the impression he inherited his fathers skill. It is as though the former ' Led Zeppelin ' artist has passed on his knowledge. How old was his son in the " Song Remains The Same " movie? Can recall he is just a wee little lad, playing drums with obvious skill, and i am sure he was chewing some gum. I thought that section of movie was quite dynamic.

My apology for dragging out this posting. At the moment working scene is very quiet. When my job is very busy, i listen to a variety of music in my head. For safety reasons, they prefer it if we don't wear music devices as in headphones. My listening is done via the memory retention. While i am being productive, but it will depend on the job, my retention flicks over to drum solos. This can be from different artists. Will not give specifics because of security reasons, but i am basically grinding metal at a factory. So that i don't get bored witless, the mind listens to drumming. For some reason ,this helps me to keep my productivity consistent.

Hope this is not offending BigChris, but drumming relates to how i perform my job. I know it sounds odd, but your skill inspires me to be productive. Why should this help with grinding? Not sure but it does. Somehow keeps me motivated while working. I can be very flexible with my working pace. Periodically the work technique is changed. Also i switch to a different system, and will change my job plan. All of this is done, while listening to drum music with my retention. But i am mostly partial to drumming, only when we are exceedingly busy, and the clients orders have to be produced.

Drum music and grinding ( fettling) ? Yes, can imagine some people might think " WEIRD! " Well that's me and somehow it helps. :) :shades:
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