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Wheel compatability (same wheel, different tire)

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My current plan, when the tires on my 16" wheels need to be replaced, is to put snow tires on those and then acquire a set of 17"x7"s for three-season use. I've been eyeing the current-gen Mustang 17"x7"s and couldn't help but wonder... how are wheels designed; could I put an Escape-spec tire on a Mustang-wheel and be okay? It's kind of a silly question but I genuinely have no clue.

The new Focus has a set of 17"s that look pretty cool and, if the size and price are right, might become another option.

Thanks in advance.
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Hi. New to the forum. I have a 2005 Mariner Premier V6 4 wheel drive that we bought new. It has 76K and it has been a great ride so far.
My question is this. I need new tires and currently have 235/70R 16. A friend just sold his truck and is offering me 4 TOYO Open Country AT tires with 1K miles for FREE! Only problem is that they are 265/70R 16. What do you all think? Are they too wide or can I squeeze them on?
Thanks for the advice
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