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Wheel compatability (same wheel, different tire)

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My current plan, when the tires on my 16" wheels need to be replaced, is to put snow tires on those and then acquire a set of 17"x7"s for three-season use. I've been eyeing the current-gen Mustang 17"x7"s and couldn't help but wonder... how are wheels designed; could I put an Escape-spec tire on a Mustang-wheel and be okay? It's kind of a silly question but I genuinely have no clue.

The new Focus has a set of 17"s that look pretty cool and, if the size and price are right, might become another option.

Thanks in advance.
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SUVord said:
Not all rims, street and off-road can safely be interchanged with defferent specs tires.
Not knowing the mustang wheels you are talking about, I would take one to a good tire specialist and see what he/she says.
The reason is that rims are designed for certain use and their side lips are contoured to accept certain use tires.The tires themselves, regardless of their size, are constructed accordingly.
Thanks Panos. That's the answer I was looking for!
srobby said:
Hi. New to the forum. I have a 2005 Mariner Premier V6 4 wheel drive that we bought new. It has 76K and it has been a great ride so far.
My question is this. I need new tires and currently have 235/70R 16. A friend just sold his truck and is offering me 4 TOYO Open Country AT tires with 1K miles for FREE! Only problem is that they are 265/70R 16. What do you all think? Are they too wide or can I squeeze them on?
Thanks for the advice
I can tell you right from the start that the tires are both wider and taller... so expect incorrect speed readings from the dashboard. As for size and fit, best to consult our resident off-roaders..
The Escape's OEM 17" tire is matched with a 17" x 7" wheel... will there be any problems if it's put onto a 17" x 7.5" wheel? It seems like all of Ford's 17" wheels aside from the Escape's are 7.5" wide.

Note: most of them seem to be offset by the same amount as the Escape
SUVord said:
Unfortunately Tang, there is a problem.For very conservative driving not so much if they are a little overinflated, but with Jacinda's driving, (as an example), the sidewalls are overstretched, especially around turns.
lol. I guess that means it won't work for me either. Thanks! :D
Thanks for the lengthy description. I've actually done the math for someone else in another thread so I'm pretty familiar with it. One of my primary goals is to keep as close to the OEM tire diameter as possible if/when I decide to go for a new wheel/tire set. I guess my primary question is whether an Escape 17" tire + Explorer 17" wheel (17x7.5) will be okay or not. Judging from what you mentioned about how the 1/2" makes a difference, I'm guessing that I should probably stick with something the same size if I don't want to have to endure the hassle.

One of our members has a set of the Explorer 17" wheels and I like how they look, but I believe he is using the OE tire on there so he is obviously experiencing some incorrect speedometer readings.

Here are some numbers I pulled up:

16" on Escape: 235/70R16 (with 16x7 wheel)
17" on Escape: 225/65R17 (with 17x7 wheel)
16" on Explorer: 235/70R16 (with 16x7 wheel)
17" on Explorer: 245/65R17 (with 17x7.5 wheel)
17" on Edge: 235/65R17 (with 17x7.5 wheel)
17" on Fusion: 225/50R17 (with 17x7.5 wheel)

Offsets on all the wheels are approximately +40-45mm.

It looks like the first-generation Fusions used 17x7 wheels and the current ones use 17x7.5 wheels. Also, from what I can find, even though the base-Edge wheels and the old-style Fusion 17" wheels look identical, the former is actually 0.5" wider.

To be honest, I think the Explorer 16" would look better on an Escape.
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Good points, Panos. Probably should be less picky. I'll probably have to go backwards with my search then... tire first, then wheel! I'm looking for a set of snow shoes anyway. :D
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