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Wheel compatability (same wheel, different tire)

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My current plan, when the tires on my 16" wheels need to be replaced, is to put snow tires on those and then acquire a set of 17"x7"s for three-season use. I've been eyeing the current-gen Mustang 17"x7"s and couldn't help but wonder... how are wheels designed; could I put an Escape-spec tire on a Mustang-wheel and be okay? It's kind of a silly question but I genuinely have no clue.

The new Focus has a set of 17"s that look pretty cool and, if the size and price are right, might become another option.

Thanks in advance.
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A caveat/side note on that. Factory rims will be "neutral" to everyday and not so everyday use. Now a days they are alloy, light and strong. Unless you go aftermarket and specifically for street use with the note of "Not for Offroading". That there will not be used for offroad use. When I say offroad I mean balls to wall offroading..... Blah blah blah Youll be fine if you go with the Focus rim and more aggressive tire.
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