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Wheel Weight

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To all you wheel/tire experts out there,

I am considering a wheel and tire upgrade for my Escape. I have the FWD I4, and my concern is the weight of the wheel/rims I am looking at. I want to keep as much "stock" look as I can (I know, kind of contradictory) but I want something with a little more pizazz than the stock 16" wheel. I am a big fan of the new wheels on the '11 Explorer, however I just looked at them and noticed that the 20" weighs 34 pounds, compared to the 21 pounds of my 16". How much of an effect would this have (mpg, noise etc...) on my Escape? Can the 4 banger handle the added weight without too much of a difference? I know they are pricey but it's just something I am looking into.

Thanks in advance.
Cheers! :beer:

link to 20" wheel via
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I sure hope you are considering an alternative means of getting those wheels aside from through a dealership/Ford Parts.
They surface on eBay once in a while, albeit they are usually remachined/refurnished wheels. I think they would look terrific on an Escape though.
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