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whos the loudest?

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I know a lot of people on this site are not into spl but I'm sure some are. I'm going to start working on mine soon and wanted to know if u guys have any tips on box etc.
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It was going to be two re/fi subs but it looks like I might be going with 2 t3 audio t-2000 15 s and 2 ap30001 amps, 270amp alternator, and a few powermaster batteries
thats where im getting one of them and the 2ed tax time, so far one 15 and one amp is going to happen but the 2ed might take sometime since im working on two cars. i going for 150 plus db drag style and i really think its do able in a escape
i should get my first 15 in a few weeks when they open back up i got the last bstock t2000 15. im thinking of going with t3 mids now and leaving my cdt mids in the other car. i also pick up the escape new years weekend so i can start working on the box
1 - 4 of 15 Posts
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