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I realized that the Ford Maverick or Escape was not selling good in Europe. I can find a few Mazda Tributes round here, but so far I only saw three Mavericks. So I did a little research and here is what I found out:

Jan. 2006 to Dec. 2007 sold units in Austria:
Porsche (all modells): 1482
Volvo XC90: 1134
Jeep Cherokee: 275
Land Rover Discovery: 240
Mazda CX7: 186*
Mercedes G-Class: 172
Dodge Nitro: 159*
Bentley Motors (all modells): 151
Aston Martin (all modells): 145

Land Rover Defender: 142
Lada Taiga (Niva): 100
Peugeot 4007: 99*
Ford Mavericks: 73
Ferrari (all modells): 61
Lamborghini (all modells): 58

*not sold in 2006

It's hard to find a modell, that sold worse. Subaru Tribeca, Hummer H2+H3 are the only one on the list. And that's why my local Ford dealer makes big eyes every time I ask him about my car. :D

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Squishy said:
Now you can say you own a car that is more exclusive than an Aston Martin. :thumb:
KEWL Thought! :yes:

They are everywhere in the USA. If you aren't too far from an American Forces facility, they have mechanics at their location (Armed Forces Exchange Service garage) that I am sure are familiar with the Escape/Maverick. I am thinking Munich, but that maybe too far to drive, but maybe not to far to call or get parts from. :shrug:

Really just a passing thought.

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jpark said:
Mavericks were used extensively by the Ministry Of Silly Walks. :lol:
Yeah, right. But my colleagues from the Ministry Of Silly Rides would like to point your attention to the glorious Lada Taiga, selling 27 more cars, than the Ford.

Lada, known for it's thoroughly made craftsmanship :bang:

the high quality of every piece built into their cars :box:

and their wide range of accessories. :bill:

:shrug: Maybe it's because of their stylish advertisments. :whistle:

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