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Will they fit?

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I'm thinking about sound deadening and sealing the back doors of my '05 Escape and installing small subwoofers like these: Elemental Designs e3.6 subwoofers. Cutout diameter is 5.7" and mounting depth is 3.518", the latter being the dimension that has me most concerned. Would I be able to fit these? Would I be able to fit 1/2" or 3/4" thick adapters/rings in there without having to cut apart the factory door panel? I would go the traditional route with subwoofer box in trunk area but I dont want to give up any cargo space. I am going to be running Morel Tempo 6C coaxials in sealed/deadened front doors off an amp. I really want to make this work
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:D I just got this car and didn't know there was a usable space beneath the cargo area that wouldn't be too tight to put my amps. Although I am still worried that they will overheat in that little compartment, anyone have problems?

It also leaves me wondering how I get to the spare... Is it the deal where you take a rod, insert it in a socket under the bumper, and crank it to lower the tire?

MidnightTribute said:
Those are really nice woofers, they pack quite a punch considering size, I'm am unsure as to whether or not they will fit in your doors, just want to point out that you will have to completely seal the area around them, to create somewhat of an enclosure, sound deadening is good but you can't just lay it down, you want to seal the sub.
I realize that the holes in the doors will need to be covered and sealed, I've been hanging out at a lot of car audio forums looking in awe at the installs. Instead of trying to force those eD woofers in the doors I might just throw some old Pioneer 6x8's I have in there and get a subwoofer in a box. I thought I was going to have to mount the amps in the cargo space, which combined with a box would have been too much. I need to have everything hidden and neat- just a box or just an amp being visible is okay but not both. If i can put the amps under the cargo space and leave the area unencumbered by wires and amps, then I could just fold the rear seats down and slide the box forward when I need more room. Decisions decisions.
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I didnt realize I could do something like this:
Scooter Scott said:
I will have 2 amps in there and a cap, hopefully without any overheating. Will def post pics of the install process when the weather warms up and I get to it.

I don't want to modify any interior panels and I have no fiberglass experience so I wont be doing the side firing install. What made you decide to run such heavy wire? That could support like 2000w+, def overkill unless you have grand future plans.
Okay now you're gonna have to post some pics or a link. You are running mad power to 1 type-r? Did you upgrade the alternator and battery and all that? Sound deadening?
haha well I just abandoned my idea of stealth cause I saw a good deal on a 13Ov.2 over on the ed forum and jumped on it. Ill be running the amps in that little compartment and a 13Ov.2 prob in a vented eD box. Ill just take it out and put it in the house or fold the seats down and slide it up toward the front when I need extra space.
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