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Will they fit?

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I'm thinking about sound deadening and sealing the back doors of my '05 Escape and installing small subwoofers like these: Elemental Designs e3.6 subwoofers. Cutout diameter is 5.7" and mounting depth is 3.518", the latter being the dimension that has me most concerned. Would I be able to fit these? Would I be able to fit 1/2" or 3/4" thick adapters/rings in there without having to cut apart the factory door panel? I would go the traditional route with subwoofer box in trunk area but I dont want to give up any cargo space. I am going to be running Morel Tempo 6C coaxials in sealed/deadened front doors off an amp. I really want to make this work
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Try something like this:

Infinity: ... Region=USA

Or this:

MTX: ... erform.cfm

Or this:

PowerAcoustik: ... of_AWB.htm

Or this:

SAS Bazooka: ... d-Tube-P40

I've had good success with the Infinty in my 2005 Mustang, VERY good success with Bazooka tubes in my previous vehicles, and I know that MTX makes a thunderform setup for 04 and older Escapes/Tribby's. I am in favour of self-contained subwoofers now, as I'm tired of big boxes and big subs with big amps making the rear end of my vehicle useless. I know that the Bazooka with the big amp would be pretty damn loud (I've had dual 8" Tubes in previous installs, and people thought I had a pair of 12" subs in my car), and the Infinity plays just as loud as a single 10" sub in a small box if you have it setup properly.

Let us know what you plan to do, and if you want separates, then get some Digital Class amps to stow under your floor in the back of your truck to cut down on heat and weight, and get some efficient subs in an enclosure with separate chambers, and I'd stick with sealed enclosures, as they seem to sound best (to me anyways) in SUV's.

L8tz ... d-Tube-P40
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