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Will they fit?

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I'm thinking about sound deadening and sealing the back doors of my '05 Escape and installing small subwoofers like these: Elemental Designs e3.6 subwoofers. Cutout diameter is 5.7" and mounting depth is 3.518", the latter being the dimension that has me most concerned. Would I be able to fit these? Would I be able to fit 1/2" or 3/4" thick adapters/rings in there without having to cut apart the factory door panel? I would go the traditional route with subwoofer box in trunk area but I dont want to give up any cargo space. I am going to be running Morel Tempo 6C coaxials in sealed/deadened front doors off an amp. I really want to make this work
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Those are really nice woofers, they pack quite a punch considering size, I'm am unsure as to whether or not they will fit in your doors, just want to point out that you will have to completely seal the area around them, to create somewhat of an enclosure, sound deadening is good but you can't just lay it down, you want to seal the sub.
cool well not sure about the escapes, but my tribute (i can only assume its the same) has the spare inside the back cargo area. You could possibly try to find some space in the back panel to fit a ED sub, for example my truck does not have the top of the line factory store but there is room in the back interior paneling which I figure houses the sub on trucks equipt with one. You might be able to fit one in there... I hid all my wires between my sub box and back seat since the carpet folds up there, then up to the battery through the kick panels, it's hard to see but my + and - run down the box to the front all hidden, now clearly your AWG will be much smaller than mine, that was my old set up but just some ideas...
** edit: sorry the image does not really show what I mean well.. its just my only real shot of it lol
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Ha I don't have cargo spaces like that in my truck, thats cool... and yeah I run SPL, I run 2500 watts RMS clean, so that wire goes from + and - on the battery to the amp, the reason that sub/ amp was so small was because I ran my first show with an old amp, I run much larger now.
Ha ok, well my truck is back home sleeping in the garage for the winter due to the fact that I am at school till may-ish.... But no that set up in the pic and sig was early last season, since then I got rid of the bandpass box, and ordered another Type R, and I'm running a new amp (still need to install before the season starts), I just have to finish the install, and the shop I run with built me a dual 12" ported box for the R's but being at school has certainly slowed my progress...My charging system is fine, I run stock everything so far but the wire and battery ground is perfect, I MIGHT upgrade the alt this year but I'll see that once I get the truck on a mic to see some new numbers. I have some pics on the "show what you got" section and around the forums...

Didn't mean to thread jack haha,

but good luck with your set up... I don't think you will have an over heating problem, that cargo space is perfect for a stealth install.
cool, take install pics!
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