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window and lock button lights

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Hey guys so today driving at night i noticed that my window buttons and lock buttons dont really light up. The top left one does but none other do. I though this was wierd cause i thought when i bought the car they all lite up. Is it possible the light blew. Any help would be great. Or am i just stupid and they never did light up.
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ok so maybe the top left is only suppose to light up. But this doesnt make any sence cause u cant see any of the other buttons. It just deosnt seem right. Would it be possible to put lights in the other switches. I know they will be led and i have see the mods done on the site but what year was that escpae
Ok thanks Ean. Since the 2004 has all of them light up i feel my 2001 should as well. Maybe i will pop off that panel and check out the lights. If there are lights there then obviously they are burnt out lol
1 - 3 of 20 Posts
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