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Hi all, sorry if this is in the wrong section, wasn't sure if it was better in other fords or problems lol...

Anyways here is the story, last year my mother was in need of a new van, my dad and I were at a auction and there was a 2003 ford windstar limited, now seriously lol for a windstar this thing is loaded..... so we picked it up extremely cheap because no one else was around to bid on it by the time it rolled in lol, there were 200 cars that day on the block and the van was number 198 so no one stuck around till the end but us pretty much :lol: so we did all the needed work to certify it (not much, needed breaks and alignment) and my mom has been loving it since BUT there are 2-3 electrical issues that I can't for the life of me start to fix, and people here have been soooo helpful so I figure it's worth a shot.

problem 1: The van has reverse sensors, they worked fine up until about last November, I have been told that snow makes them not work or something but this started happening when there was no snow, is there anything I can look at to try and fix? I read the manual and it says if the button for the reverse sensors stays light in the "off" position then have it checked out, the thing is sometimes it does not stay light, but still does not work... any ideas/thoughts???

Problem 2: the cd changer, it has a 6 cd changer, radio works fine but if you load all the cds it tries to read them and then says disk error or bad disc I think and it ejects the disk. I've read other people have this problem in other ford models and have been able to fix it by resetting it, again any thoughts/ ideas?

And finally this is not a huge deal but just another question, for Christmas we got my mom a remote starter, compustar one, this one I believe It works fine BUT when you remote start the van and then unlock the doors and try to open the remote power sliding doors they do not respond until the key is in the ignition.... so yeah thats it sorry for the long post, but ANY ideas/ help/ thoughts are more then welcome! thanks in advance.
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