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Woo Hoo! Go Bandits!

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You all know, of course, that JP and I are rabid fans of pro indoor lacrosse, and especially our beloved Buffalo Bandits. They just beat the Toronto Rock in OT, 17-16. That's after trailing 11-5 at the half. My weekend is made.

We're having a family birthday gathering tomorrow - celebrating JP's and my birthday, both my daughters, and our oldest nephew, Michael. If you can get to East Aurora, NY by 1 pm tomorrow (Saturday) you're invited, too!!
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Americans play lacrosse?! :shock: :lol:

Has Veltman of the Toronto Rock retired yet? He was my weight training teacher through high school.
jpark said:
He's a Physical Education instructor at Agincourt Collegiate Institute in Toronto, where he also coaches lacrosse.
That's the one...don't stalk me :bag:
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