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It's long been my intention to fully de-badge my Maverick, but other than removing the V6 emblems on the front wings.....Sorry..."Fenders". I hadn't got around to it.

So, I finally get the car booked in to have a small dent/hole above the rear lift-gate repaired, and told the guy i know at the Ford place if his guys could de-badge the whole car. He said it shouldn't be a problem.

I pick the car up the following day, repaired as new, and pretty much to his word the whole car (except front grille) has been de-badged. But, the rear Ford oval was still on the back.

I asked him why that was and he said he was sure there were actually a couple of fixing pins that went into the tailgate. I begged to differ but he did me a favour, so i wasn't gonna argue.

I double checked on here, saw Ajax's tailgate and thought I'd go check myself. I pulled the Ford badge off and found to my annoyance that my friend was correct. There are 2 prongs on the badge which push into 2 holes in the tailgate, so I've had to push the Ford badge back in place (I hope I haven't broken anything and that it stays in place :roll: ).

Why did they bother? I wanted a nice smooth arse-end, but now I'm stuck with the Ford badge. :mad:

Heed this warning all RHD Escape/Maverick owners.

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Those are guide holes and pins for the installation of the badge. :roll:

You could do something that one of your fellow Brits did with his Bullitt. He got some fake carbon fiber and cut it to cover the blue oval, leaving the surrounding chrome to show. Over the carbon fiber he put his Bullitt serial number. I suppose you don't have to have a s/n to place over the carbon fiber. :thumb: Just a thought.
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