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This is the latest device from SCT. The XCal 2 has a limited memory size so when Ford started coming out with the new PCMs the files were so big that they couldn't hold 3 programs anymore and operate the additional functions. Some of the new automatic vehicles you could only put 1 program in them. So they had to come up with something with more memory to get back to the 3 program setup and give you all the other features that are included with the device. This also makes for a much more stable platform for data logging and so on.

An added benefit is that any of the preloaded devices can also hold a custom program like the Livewire.

The blank device of course will cover any 1996 OBD II and newer vehicle; this includes the 94 - 95 MN12 with the 4.6 and Mustang 3.8.

The preloaded devices will cover the following.

1996 - 2007 V-8 Mustangs, Cobras and GT 500

1994 - 2007 V-6 Mustangs

2003 - 2007 F-Series 6.0L Diesel Trucks

1999 - 2003 F-Series 7.3L Diesel Trucks

1997 - 2003 F-Series 4.6L / 5.4L Gas Trucks

2004 - 2006 F-Series 4.2L / 4.6L / 5.4L / 6.8L Gas Trucks

1999 - 2004 Focus SVT / Zetec

2003 - 2004 Mercury Marauder

2005 - 2006 Ford GT Supercar

1999 - 2004 Crown Victoria

2005 - 2006 Crown Victoria

2002 - 2005 Thunderbird

2000 - 2006 Lincoln LS V8 only

1996 - 1999 Taurus SHO

1999 - 2005 Excursion Diesel / Gas

1996 - 2006 Explorer 4.0L / 4.6L / 5.0L

1997 - 2006 Expedition 4.6L / 5.4L
Available Gas Tunes: 87, 91, 93 octane and economy as applicable, Available Diesel Tunes: Performance, Street, Towing
NOTE: Not all options are available for all vehicles

The X3 Power Flash VIN locks to a single vehicle. You cannot use the device to tune a new or different vehicle until you have returned the original vehicle back to stock, which will unlock the device. You can only change the vehicles 5 times before the unit is permanently locked.

Standard preloaded tuning files are designed for vehicles with minor performance modifications such as: cold air kits, high flow exhaust systems and other basic modifications. Vehicles that have aftermarket superchargers or turbochargers, engine swaps will require custom tuning which can be purchased only through authorized SCT Custom Tuning Dealers.

Both firmware and software updates will be made available periodically for the X3 Power Flash and will be available in the "Support" section of the SCT website

To use some of the extra features included with the X3 Power Flash, you must have a Windows based PC or Laptop with Windows 2000 or XP operating system.

I stole this stuff from so that I got all the info in here. If you guys want to order one visit

Torrie owns that site and he has created custom tunes for all of our Escapes that work pretty darn good. You can contact him at [email protected]
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