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Xentec HID Kit Flickering

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Hello guys!

I bought a set of HIDS off ebay they are Xentecs link here:

This for my fathers Ford Escape 2009 - The bulbs are H13 and its 6000K.

The problem is that they flicker while driving, and on idle they also flicker.
So I bought a H13 single beam HID relay wiring harness and it still flickers...

What am I missing? A capacitor? Or is the the bulbs that are just no good.

Any help would be appreciated thanks.
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mr hammond said:
check 2nd post on page 2 it may shed some light on the subject.... sorry thats a bad pun

Okay ill take a look thanks.

andjayik said:
12.99 for a kit?? U probably need the drl harness which will get rid of the flickering.
Where can I find DRL harness?
If I disable the DRL maybe it should solve this issue?
andjayik said:
ebay has them ... 53db8898f4

or look on the web and u can make ur own.
Thanks ill check it out.

This is the one I bought that im using now but still flickers: ... 0327597086
Does anyone know how to disable the DRL manually on a Escape 2009?
andjayik said:
Don't think u can. U should of asked me for a kit u would of got a kit gaurenteed to work.
Yeah I should of searched before buying random HID kit. How much you selling it?
SilverAthlon said:
I might be late to the party, but I have the exact same kit and I had the same problems. I ended up getting "warning cancellors" from ebay, 2 for $25. They work perfectly!

I made an install guide back then too.

My DRL works too, but I use at least my running lights during the day so I never use DRL.
Do you have the link to them please thanks.
1 - 7 of 17 Posts
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