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Hello Jonas1022.

I am very quiet at work, since they almost bit my head off. Truly amazing what happens at a work place, when people are retrenched and everyone looks after their own skin. I have no proof, but i reckon a few of my work mates had a squawk with the boss. They are like a pack of dogs when the chips are down.

Can imagine it's the same everywhere. When ever there is a meeting, all employees are told " Any problems? ". So how do they react? They all shut their trap, and sit there like a bunch of docile little lambs. All i was trying to do, was make one of the bosses aware of a problem. I have been in enough factories to be observant.

Then i tried to make other people, aware that a problem exists. No one showed genuine interest. So henceforth i was reprimanded. Can remember at a previous factory, when i made a suggestion at a meeting. A few fellow workers thought it fun, and chose to ridicule me. :taz: :rant:

My apology to the forum for venting. Just releasing some excess steam.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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