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Yahoo IM hackers/trojan

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So how many of you have Yahoo IM and have been getting messages from people trying to get you to take some IQ test? Before it was random contacts but seems a friend of mine got infected. I changed her name for privacy sake but, be careful about this. I copied the log because what the 'hacked' account says is the same each and every time, the responses are scripted. Ohh and I removed the http from the link so nobody accidently clicks the link that has the trojan in it

2284: heyy
Katscan: Morning
Katscan: How are you?
2284: i just took an IQ quiz here.. pretty cool
Katscan: huh?
2284: got a 113 lol... I thought I was smarter than that
Katscan: Who are you? (If you post this question the immediate response is below and it never changes)
2284: you dont even know me anymore? wow..
Katscan: Ohh you got hacked
2284: im not hacked!
Katscan: Then who is this?
Katscan: Where did we meet?
2284: you should see if you can do better than me... // if u can ill give you twenty dollars lol
2284: try beating me... I bet you cant haha
2284: take it now while I take a shower lol
2284: ill be back in a few after im all fresh
2284: BRB, let me know your score when im back!
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1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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