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Yakima Rack ?

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hey guys,
ok so im interested in doing the Yakima roof rack on my escape. Does anyone here have one ? Could you post pictures and also let me know what the entire setup cost you ? Thanks!
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Does the yakima rack look similar to the one found on the "no boundaries" package
Price depends on what you want to carry and what factory roof rack (if any) you already have. If you want to carry just snowboards/skis and you have a factory rack you only need adaptors and the accessory to hold the item. If you have the rails but no crossbars, you need to purchase the crossbar assemblies and mount to the factory rails. If you have nothing then you need the feet, crossbars and accessories to hold skis, bikes, etc.

If you are carrying bikes or kayaks or anything heavy/wind-grabbing - I recommend using Yakima feet and building up everything. Also depends on if you have the cheapo plastic rails (like my 2010) or solid metal ones of older models. They will vary for the max load they can handle. Best bet is to go to for fit needs then price up the parts.

Rough numbers are 200-300 for the base feet and crossbars. Accessories vary way to much. Bike carriers, ski carriers, kayak carriers, etc..
Take a look at Camus's signature pictures of his Maverick with a rack...:

TopElimn8r said:
Does the yakima rack look similar to the one found on the "no boundaries" package
Not really... You can see one of thier baskets by clicking the following link:
Hello I hope this information isn't too late - I do have them and I think they're just great. I've had Yakima's products for the last 10 years, and I've used the same tower system through 3 different cars. I have ControlTowers, and on the escape I have LandingPad 1. They attach in the tracks as shown below, and have a nice little cover for the adapter when it's not fully assembled:

Landing Pad Covered

Landing Pad Uncovered

Control Tower unlocked

Control Tower locked

You can supplement your security by purchasing SKS lock system. With the bars, I can transport my Canoe/Kayak/bicycles in the summer, and Skis/Snowboards in the winter. I just took these pics tonight and it was less than a minute total to put one side on. Super slick system!!

I will say they're loud at highway speed and can impact gas mileage noticeably without the wind deflector, and since it's right by the sunroof I just take them off when not in use. They're higher than the factory bars, so I moved factory bars to the middle and never take them off when I put the yakima rack gear on it. Additionally, I know you can get clips to adapt the factory crossbars to the mount points needed for some of their equipment, and if that fits your needs it's probably more cost effective.

I had another relevant thread i just found:
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Surfscape said:
Hi Surfscape!.
I like how, the spotties are set up on your rack. :thumb:
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