Ventilation Hack!

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Ventilation Hack!

Postby Captain Chris - June 3rd, 2021, 7:36 am

I recently bought a 'O8 Mariner with good body with considerable miles (185k); needed new ball joint/control arm(s), etc, and alignment, but seller had already obtained parts, included in $1800 price.

He had had them for a while, but decided he just wasn't up to doing the work, and they had replaced the vehicle. It was fully operational with no codes, but, other than moving it for snow emergency days, they hadn't been driving it for almost a year...

SO, when I drove it home, and turned on defroster, dust and dirt came blasting out of the vents, into my face! A somewhat hazardous situation, if some had gotten in my eye(s) while driving! :( Fortunately, I was wearing my glasses, so no immediate issue. :shades:

Not surprisingly, the vehicle wasn't the cleanest, so, when weather warmed up, I put in a little time on that issue, and, eventually discovered that some sort up mouse-type critter had tried nesting in the space underneath the 'skirt' that is at the bottom of the windshield... :worry:

apparently, it hadn't been that happy there, and left only a small accumulation, and it couldn't crawl into the cabin without chewing through a wire mesh screen (intact) protecting the cabin air intake. :)

I looked into this, and discovered that they shipped these vehicles without a cabin air filter. That is pretty uncool IMNSHO! ;-|

I priced out filters, and found them ranging upwards of $15 + shipping, or $18.oo+ a retail. :stop:

As 'luck' would have it, I had recently bought the incorrect size furnace filter for my furnace at Home Depot. It was only like $2.99, and I hadn't gotten around to taking it back (don't go there that often). It was obviously a cheaper one, but still had a solid, pleated media (not the loose fiberglass) bonded to some light aluminum mesh as support.

It was easy to cut with utility shears, and, I utilized a corner of the filter, and left some extended length of the cardboard edging to wrap around, a bit, to reinforce the rigidity, and the aluminum mesh, while quite large spacing, when doubled over, also gave some rigidity to the 'free edge'. a little duct tape (should last for a couple years), and I was in business! :thumb:

Since I have two of these vehicles, I improvised two filters out of one furnace filter, so only $1.50 each! :yahoo:

It was a little extra work, but now that I have done it, it will be much less time to do it again! :rockon:
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Re: Ventilation Hack!

Postby MadMax - June 4th, 2021, 6:10 am

Good idea :thumb:
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