2012 Escape - Attempting to replace SYNC Microphone

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2012 Escape - Attempting to replace SYNC Microphone

Postby kfain123 - February 13th, 2021, 4:37 pm

I have a 2012 Escape with basic SYNC. My callers could not hear me on phone calls so I purchased the Brandmotion 5000-PESMVR Replacement Microphone Kit with Voltage Regulator from Amazon and planned to attach it near the sunglasses holder. I did NOT need to replace the mirror. I just wanted to upgrade the microphone.

I opened the A pillar and tried to follow the instructions. The instructions were not clear and obvious to me, so I did some research and found another wiring diagram for the car that helped a little. However, the wires coming out of the slots in the wiring box did not match the numbers or the colors in the diagram exactly, i.e. there were 4 blue wires and they weren’t in the numbered slots they were supposed to be in on the diagram. I wired it together (the way I thought was right) and the mic doesn’t work. I have re-wired these same wires in the A pillar assembly several different ways and no luck.

I originally left the mirror assembly unplugged, but emailed the Amazon seller and he said to plug it back in as the compass wiring is in there. I plugged it back in and have left it plugged in.

I removed, checked and replaced all fuses for SYNC, indoor lighting and sunroof.

Now the compass, sunroof, ambient lighting and, of course, the mirror microphone also do not work.

NOTE: Before I started this project, I attempted to update my SYNC with the USB method and I got as far as the screen saying ‘Installing Application’, but the process would never complete. I went to a dealership, but they wanted $175.00 to do the upgrade. If you know how to get the update to work, let me know.

*I will try to take some pictures if that will help.*
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