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Re: Rack Inerchange

Postby gapcomputer - March 17th, 2014, 12:47 pm

ExplorerTom wrote:I'd kinda like to put it on my Mariner.

But I have a sunroof and I park outside 100% of the time and it snows here. Good idea? The one thing about the weather here is that I rarely have snow on the exterior of my car because the weather always warms up enough and the sun comes out right after so the snow melts.

when snow i have problems cleaning the roof of the truck even with the rack extended, (and must be clear of snow, NJ law) if you have a sunroof i read somewhere in the forum about the clearance between the bars and the sunroof (can be done) but the load on the roof rack is going to be an issue (also read in a post somewhere) if you not going to put any weight will be ok and also look beautiful, i really don't know if can be done in a Mariner, if the dimensions and shape of the roof are the same i presume that can be done, will search that post and i will update with links if i can find it
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Re: Rack Inerchange

Postby MercuryEscapé22 - October 20th, 2020, 1:16 am

I have actually done the rack swap with my 2007 mercury mariner all I had to do was 6 extra quarter inch nut-serts and boom was a super easy install took me all of an hour to put it on still working on the bumper mount part
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