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2nd gen Grille & Lower Grille Cover

December 20th, 2017, 3:21 pm

So before I put on a brush guard I picked up, I wanted to change my grille and lower grill cover to black (just like the sport appearance package). I know the grill can be replaced (currently I have mine body color matched) but does the lower grille have the middle "piece" removable or is that piece (chrome if its a limited trim) just a solid front bumper? I was thinking to probably wrap the grille and lower grille in black since I wanted it to last (unlike plastidipping which I've heard doesn't have a longer life to wrapping; correct me if I am wrong)) but also be able to be removed if I decided to change my mind down the road. I was thinking of wrapping since once the brush guard is on, it would be a huge pain to remove it (with offroad lights attached to it as well) and respray it if I went with plastidipping. Anyone play around with the grille and/or lower grille?
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