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Re: Rear Tail Light Replacement

Postby Captain Chris - August 19th, 2020, 7:26 pm

vpasla1 wrote:
raysfan wrote:The Mariner and Escape tail light assemblies are NOT interchangeable. When I got my 2nd Generation Escape (08-12), I liked the Mariner tail light. I looked into changing my Escape lens assembly for the Mariner. The Mariner unit is larger than the Escape's and extends down into the bumper. Go to Google Images and search for 08 Mariner Rear. Then in another window do a search for 08 Escape Rear. See how the Mariner lens has that notch in it. See how it is taller than the Escape's.

Since OP has a cracked bumper, they could pick up a cheap bumper for an Escape as well if the paint matches. I'm guessing it would work then.

With the Mariner bumper, I'm guessing there would be a gap.

OK, Well, I found a supplier in Delaware that sells new/primed Escape bumper cover for $58.xx!
The catch is that shipping is still $80, and I'd have to paint it...
The Mariner bumper cover does look a little nicer, across the back, and not that I am aware, I prefer NOT having that notched geometry, and the Escape's cover is still sort of cute; and I can get the 2 replacement Escape Brake lights for $45 + 22 shipping,
so that's about $212 with the paint, minus whatever I can get for the good Mariner RH Tailight...$50...?

Doesn't sound too bad, except for now I am trying to figure out what to do about my trailer hitch tearing out, but that's another thread...
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