Adding redundant audio controls

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Re: Adding redundant audio controls

Postby bangster - July 4th, 2020, 4:30 pm

thesavo wrote:Thanks. I like the idea of not having the unused switches. I'm debating adding sync. I would use it for phone calls and podcasts.
However, I am not sure the benefit.
I have a bt aux kit. It's made by soundbot and called the sb360. It pairs to the phone, and will play my podcasts, navigation, and phone calls. It has three buttons. I can advance or rewind, I can pickup a call and hang up.

I does not have controls on the steering wheel, and does not take advantage of the front display module.

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That is just a little disc with power from USB and a 3.5mm audio cable and a mic right? That is what I added to my 1997 Mark VIII and loved it, simple, and I never really touched it because I use Android Auto on my phone and have it in a cradle.

While I do have SYNC in my 2012 Fusion (more applicable than my 2017 Escape with SYNC 3), I have started keeping as a backup a USB bluetooth adapter as SYNC seems to stop seeing my phone at the worst times, midnight while raining with 600 miles left to drive, for example. I am very dependent on having it for streaming music and navigation, so having a backup until I can stop and pull the battery (I keep an 8mm wrench in the center console just for that) so I can continue driving.

Same with my daughters 2015 Fusion. On her way here it stopped connecting to her phone, she had a 3.5mm patch cord but an iPhone XR without a headphone jack...I hooked her up with a plan b (bluetooth/aux patch cord) and plan c (lightning to 3.5mm adapter).

I don't see SYNC as a powerful thing, I only use it for streaming. It is nice to have the song info or call info in the display so I can keep my phone on navigation, but rarely is song info important to me.
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Re: Adding redundant audio controls

Postby thesavo - July 4th, 2020, 9:28 pm

Yes, it is just like this

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