2001 Ford Escape XLT v6 3.0 Alternator Change

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2001 Ford Escape XLT v6 3.0 Alternator Change

Postby Int3nseGrind - January 14th, 2021, 5:07 pm

Hey everyone,

Got a 01 Ford Escape XLT recently for $600 with a bad alternator. It's a big *f**** job looks like. Seeing videos of people taking it from the top or from the bottom. It seems to me, the top way is much easier w/o having to remove the axle. Just got to push the alternator up the firewall after removing w.e. is there blocking it. As someone who has only done oil changes and tire changeovers, this would be my first big job. How difficult is it and what do you guys think my best plan of attack would be? I'm thinking of giving myself 3 days to do it and might have a bud over to help out.

Let me know!
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Re: 2001 Ford Escape XLT v6 3.0 Alternator Change

Postby bluto - January 19th, 2021, 2:14 pm

Pulling the alternator out the top way is no picnic. It is better in the sense that you don't have to worry about messing up the removal and re-install of the half shaft. When I did mine, I also removed the intake manifold to make more room and also replace the spark plugs/rear coils. Still it was a huge pain to get out. I think I had a thin rope threaded through the bolt holes an used that to pull it up. I also had someone underneath the vehicle with a piece of wood pushing up on the alternator and keeping it from falling back down as it progressed upward.
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