2008 Scape 4WD V6 front brake caliper part numbers please

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2008 Scape 4WD V6 front brake caliper part numbers please

Postby MTNEscaped - August 24th, 2019, 9:07 am

Guys and Gals, I hope you've all been well.
The MtnScaped moved me down here to GatorNation, (football fans) and did well hauling the trailer with mowing equipment the 500+ miles a few months ago.

Anyway the DS front caliper was grabbing just days before my move and I had no choice but to put it off, (as well as concerned about what eventually happened when/if i did change it-more problems)! So I finally had to replace the DS front caliper two weeks ago, (when it was locking up on my way home from a Dr's visit in Gainesville some 30 miles from home). Crawled it home at a snails pace as no one in G'Ville had the caliper without driving across town through another 20-30 red lights. Make it out here / sourced the caliper from advance (we'll have it by 3:30 today) / picked it up and installed it.
PROBLEMS with the install / no other vehicle here top run for parts / no option but to install the $99 ($45 core) caliper. The first two to three threads of the caliper were "stripped" and cross threaded the aluminum fitting front brake line, (so now I'll have to replace the front brake line and caliper)! Advance of course told me "we're not responsible-someone else rebuilds them for us" DUH...I'M 58 YRS OLD I KNOW THAT LADY! Made in mehico wrote all over the caliper sighs... :doh:

so my question for ya'll is can someone help me with a OEM ford part number-or a part number for a US rebuilt / made 2008 front brake caliper(s) and brake hoses. I'll change both calipers as a pair this time, (pep boys changed the rotors for me and new pads thinking that was why the brakes were locking up when I moved here 9 months ago so the pads are still good.

Thanks in advance and keep on Scaping' folks! :thumb:

2008 Ford Escape XLT 4WD
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30+ years of ford parts that do me no good at all on MTNEscaped !
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