2006 Ford Escape PCM questions.

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2006 Ford Escape PCM questions.

Postby kicker22004 - July 11th, 2017, 1:09 am

Hi guys i'll make this fast.

The other day my escape died on me after a rapid misfire problem resulting in a few codes for coil errors on A,C,and D. I've replaced the coils but the problem persists and the dealer is now saying it's the PCM. My question is this, Can I pull one from a pickNpull from the same model assuming it matches my model (ATE3|LB0-A52| 5L8A-12A650-AAD) and use it to see if my problem is in fact the PCM? Because there is one near me that says they have one in a totaled car for only 49.99. Now I understand the risk with getting one that is used but I'm only looking to test.

So will it start my car or is programming required first even if it comes from a working car.
I understand that ford needs to reprogram it with MY VIN and for my keys but again can I use it to just test once?

Thank you guys for any help.
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Re: 2006 Ford Escape PCM questions.

Postby bluto - July 12th, 2017, 2:23 pm

It should work. I did this on a 2002 for testing. In my case I also swapped the lock cylinder so the borrowed PCM's key would be in the ignition for the PATS transponder to pick it up. The swapped in PCM worked fine for the test and there were no ill effects afterwards on both vehicles.

It would probably work by just taping the wrecker PCM's key to the bottom of the steering column. But in thinking about it, there is an issue with this plan, how do you get a PCM from the junk yard that comes with the key?
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Re: 2006 Ford Escape PCM questions.

Postby thesavo - July 13th, 2017, 2:11 pm

Sometimes the yard will keep the key with the PCM. It's hit and miss. you could also try Forscan PATS programming.
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