2010 Escape - Dead #2 cylinder

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2010 Escape - Dead #2 cylinder

Postby kronk - December 21st, 2016, 2:38 pm

Right after the warranty expired my Escape went south fast. I kept getting a misfire in cylinder #2 which would set off the engine light. Was told it was my spark plugs, it wasn't. Then it was the coil over plug, it wasn't. Then the intake manifold gasket, it wasn't. So they put a camera into the engine and told me my valves in the #2 cylinder were burnt and not seating properly. So I had the top end redone at 110,000 Kms cost $2200, would not run properly after that, no power, excessive shuddering at traffic lights, stalling while turning right at lower speeds. Ford couldn't figure out what was happening but still charged me over $4000 just to try to figure it out. Now at 140,000 kms cylinder #2 is officially dead. Has anyone elses vehicle experienced this?
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