2012 6F35 Transmission RH Axle Seal Leak

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2012 6F35 Transmission RH Axle Seal Leak

Postby turtleescape - June 11th, 2020, 10:15 pm

I recently purchased a 2012 Escape with 130,00k and a 2.5L and a 6t35 Transmission. The right side axle seal is leaking. I replaced the seal and the intermediate shaft and I still have a leak. My understanding is this transmission is notorious for the left side leaking and it is due to the premature wear of the bushing. I have found a few videos on how to replace the left side bushing with a puller, but nothing for the right side.
I do not own this puller, so I contacted the local transmission shop to see how much they would charge to replace the right side bushing. They quoted me 1900.00 and said that removal of the transmission was necessary to do the repair.
So, my question is: Has anyone changed the right side bushing? If so can they advise me on doing the repair? And, do I need to remove the transmission?

Thanks in advance for any help.
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